Insurance is essential for business and premiums can be a very significant business expense. Having agreed their insurance needs, clients often find that the question is “how do we pay for it!” Cash flow is king and facilities are often already spoken for.

Miles Smith has been providing group clients with premium finance since the mid-1990s and our premium finance facility, in conjunction with Close Brothers Premium Finance, offers an easy, affordable and convenient way to pay.

For brokers who no longer hold client monies in respect of items transacted with Miles Smith, our finance option can assist by alleviating administration delays and problems with settlement and return of premiums/commissions, and resolving issues in a timely manner.


UK Broker clients


Increases customer’s appreciation of broker’s assistance and aids retention

Sympathetic view when a customer has a low credit score

Competitive rates

Renewal is simplified with less administration

Customers with large insurance premiums find cover more affordable

Agency arrangements with Miles Smith stay in place with no loss of control of your client

Possibility of charging commission for financial services

Little time spent chasing customers for money

Focus is on insurance issues not finance

Bank statements show instalments have been collected in the name of Close Brothers Premium Finance

Receiving premiums on time means faster commission payments

Minimises delays for customers

Helps keep your account with Miles Smith within your ‘Terms of Credit

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Our offices are located in the City of London.


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